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Dear KatyMy oldest son is smart but is still not reading and we have home schooled him for three years, now, making him eight. I am so scared!

Dear Katy, I guess I’m the only one out here who doesn’t get it. When I go to support group meetings, I always hear moms talking about how God told them to home school, or something...

Dear Katy,  I have such a problem with my goals wandering, and with thinking that others have it easier than I do.

Dear Katy   My husband and I are becoming missionaries...

Dear Katy – I am so tired and cannot even say why. I can remember when I used to do so much more and now I can hardly get out of bed.

Dear Katy, How do I use the Bible to educate?

Why Homeschool Teens?  by Elizabeth Smith

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Avoid Burnout in Homeschooling

Helping the Hyperactive Child

A Reward Worth the Pain

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