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Hi! Let me introduce myself to you. I have home schooled my six children since before it was protected by law. I have had surprise visits by caseworkers sent to us from unfriendly neighbors. Among my students, I had one learning disabled, one easily distracted, two musical, one artistic, one scientist and one electrically minded. A grand mixture! Three have graduated and have succeeded in college life, with scholarships. I have raised a garden and sewn our clothing during this time. We have lived in the woods, in the country, and in the city. We have always had a single income. From time to time, my husband and I have been on the boards of local and/or statewide support groups. Please e-mail me with any questions you have. I will do my best to answer them or direct you to the person or organization that can.  May the Lord bless you as you seek His kingdom.



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